We operate 28 colocation data centers across 9 strategic edge North American markets.

Cologix’s platform was purposefully built by strategically identifying growing markets that are positioned at critical intersection points of physical terrestrial and subsea fiber networks that carry global data traffic between and within continents. 

  1. Dallas 
    1. Access to 60+ networks in primary carrier hotel in Dallas (INFOMART)
    2. Primary access nodes for Microsoft ExpressRoute, AWS Direct Connect, Softlayer & 20+ private clouds
    3. Core node for DE-CIX (Internet exchange)
  2. Minneapolis
    1. Access to 95+ networks in Cologix operated MMR in most connected data center in Upper Midwest (only interconnection player in Minneapolis)
    2. Home to Access to 25+ CSPs and MICE (internet exchange)

  3. Columbus
    1. Only interconnection player in market - most connected campus in OH (50+ Networks & 25+ CSPs)
    2. New $130M+ build - largest neutral DC in region 
    3. Direct Connect to AWS & 25+ CSPs

  4. Florida
    1. Express route to S. America without traversing through Miami, reducing costs, latency & risk.
    2. Access to 40+ networks) & 25+  CSPs via dark fiber to enterprise grade data center.
    3. Market leading DR capabilities including CAT5 hardened data centers & DC inland at elevation approximately 20 stories above sea level

  5. New Jersey
    1. Enterprise-grade campus located 30 miles outside Manhattan & 280+ feet above sea level.
    2. Dark fiber access to New York & New Jersey carrier hotels , including 165 Halsey

  6. Toronto
    1. TOR 1 enables access to 180+ Networks in MMR & access to building MMR
    2. Direct connectivity to Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Softlayer & 50+ private cloud providers
    3. Premier tenant 151 Front Street (Canada’s largest & most important carrier hotel 
    4. Core node for TORIX (internet exchange)
  7. Montreal 
    1. MTL 3 enables access to 100+ Networks in Cologix operated MMR (Most connected DC in Quebec)
    2. Direct connectivity to AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Softlayer Direct Link & 50+ private cloud providers
    3. Home of QIX (Montreal Internet Exchange)

  8. Vancouver 
    1. VAN 1 enables access to 50+ Networks in Carrier hotel MMR & 20+ cloud providers
    2. Home of VANIX (Vancouver Internet Exchange)
    3. 220MW and 860,000 SF of Raised Floor